Customer Testimonials

Our customers find out pretty quick that Dr. Burkenstock's products just plain work. Here's some of the feedback we've received from happy customers:

I recently ordered 2 of the itch stuff and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to find some extras. A few chapsticks, some diaper rash cream given to a new mom, and a few itch stuff towelettes! All of which have been passed out to co-workers that have also fallen in love with the products. Except for the chapstick which I kept for myself and the kids, who love them. I work as an ER nurse, and we are not known to be easy to please! Thanks again. I am getting ready to place another order for a friend with run away poison ivy and an expectant mother. Good luck. The products are awesome!
- Tiffany M.

I was given That Rash Stuff a few months ago to try out on my daughter. I absolutely fell in love with it and couldn't wait to order more! That Rash Stuff is amazing and works wonders! Thank you so much for the extra goodies. I can't wait to try them out and will definitely spread the word about Dr. Burkenstock's great products!
- Kristen B.

Very good product! I had a reaction in the hospital and your product is the only thing that would work!! Very good thing you have going there!!! Thank you very much!!!!
- Brian F.

Thank you so much for the delivery (Mold Stuff from Dr. Burkenstock's.). I saw some description of your product in the "The New Pioneer" magazine , summer 2016 issue. I like back camping and hiking and very often my stuff gets wet and moldy. I think, your product will help me fight against mold. I hope , my stuff will not be wet and moldy, but if will be, I will definitely use your product! Good luck!
- Lev C.

I've been using That Mold Stuff on a 4'x6' American flag displayed on my front porch for almost a year now. Sprayed it during the winter and again at the beginning of summer. The flag header has not mildewed like previous flags and the colors haven't faded nearly as bad as years past. I usually only get a year or so out of my flags before they need to be replaced. I might get two years out of them using this stuff. Also used it recently on a new patio umbrella hoping for similar results. I'll be ordering more soon. Keep up the great work.
- Steve N.