Dr. Burkenstock's Legend

Dr. Burkenstock's Legend

The History of Dr. Burkenstock’s "That Itch Stuff"

Dr. Burkenstock’s legend begins in the alligator-infested swamps of Louisiana just after the Great Depression. As a young man, Dr. Burkenstock roamed the bayous and marshlands doing what he loved the most – hunting, fishing and just enjoying the outdoors. But, his sensitive skin paid the price of his outdoor exploits. Dr. Burkenstock was highly allergic to poison ivy and other skin irritants. Mosquitoes, chiggers, fire ants, poison ivy, poison oak and sumac, as well as the heat and humidity, all took its toll on the young man – often leaving his skin itching, swollen and irritated for days. His physical discomfort began sapping him of the joy he experienced in the great outdoors. He had to find a solution, so his work began.

As a pharmacist, Dr. Burkenstock had extensive medicinal knowledge and access to a variety of ingredients known to have a soothing effect on the skin. In an effort to relieve his own misery, the good doctor spent countless hours testing a number of ingredient combinations until he formulated the perfect blend that provided him with the relief he so desperately needed. With the help of his new cream, Dr. Burkenstock continued pursuing his passion for all things outdoors.

His closely guarded family formula has been passed down through generations of Burkenstock pharmacists, and now, that formula is available to you and your loved ones. Don’t let skin irritants keep you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. Try “That Itch Stuff” today to get the instant relief you need.